The fastest way to speak a new language

ISUS is a revolutionary new way to learn languages. Our award-winning platform connects you with the best native-speaking trainers around the world, allows totally flexible scheduling so you can learn when and where you want, and provides a wealth of personalized interactive materials updated weekly. ISUS is the perfect way to dramatically improve your confidence and ability to really speak a new language.

ISUS offers the full range of language learning solutions, including our flagship Virtual service, online learning with up-to-the-minute contents on ISUS Magazine, economical Tutoring services to guide learners through standalone e-learning programs, and even Face-to-Face training that blends seamlessly with our online contents. To discover your perfect blend, contact us today and claim your free trial.

Built for the corporate training department

With a tangible return-on-investment for companies looking to improve their performance in the global marketplace, ISUS is the choice of training managers from leading companies around the world. ISUS overcomes the limitations of traditional classroom training and pure e-learning programs by taking the best of both worlds to deliver the world's most advanced blended learning programs.

Easy global deployment and real-time access to students' progress provides both visibility and control, while clear objectives and measurable results enable you to effectively track and direct your investment in language training. ISUS is currently being used to manage learners in some 87 countries around the world and is the recipient of several coveted awards, including the prestigious Leonardo Da Vinci development grant from the European Union.

Powering training companies around the world

ISUS is the world's first blended Training Management System (TMS), enabling training companies to deliver and manage tightly integrated blended learning programs online, virtually, and in a traditional classroom setting. ISUS covers everything from content management and automated scheduling through to real-time reporting and finance management.

ISUS is now powering innovative training companies around the world as they step beyond the limitations of the classroom and begin to harness the full potential of virtual learning environments. To learn how the ISUS platform can deliver more satisfied clients and increased profits for your training organization, read about our software or contact us today to arrange a presentation of our capabilities.